Board Consulting

Access & Industry Insights

Kilpatrick Aviation’s Board Consulting practice works closely with some of the most respected and highest performing boards in the aviation industry – both listed and non – and we maintain close ties to outstanding leaders.
As board’s trusted advisors, Kilpatrick Aviation connects you to the most advanced industry insights into board effectiveness, supports you with creative solutions and strategies – sharing with you some of our deepest knowledge of best practices, and bring you ready global access to top directors in the aviation industry.

Searching Board Directors

Board Director searches have become more challenging in recent years, the supply of qualified independent-minded board-experienced directors is limited, and many candidates hesitate to take challenging responsibilities without a clear vision and understanding of the challenge itself.
In order to make sure your Board is up to date with today’s challenges, you must creatively tap into new, more diverse talent pools that are, often, out of your comfort zone.
We seek deep understanding of all the tasks your Board hopes to accomplish and attract the very best talents to your Board. We support you to make your board more diverse, inclusive, and insightful, releasing the true potential as a team and delivering full strategic value to you and to your shareholders.

Sourcing Exceptional Candidates

Kilpatrick Aviation has a steady growing database, which supports our Consultants’ network and enables us to quickly identify exceptional candidates for every assignment.
We keep the dialogue discrete, and we provide reliable insights about each Candidate that can suitably serve your Board.
We like to be challenged, especially when the requirements are geographically-based, skill-based, or required a specific aviation knowledge.
We have specific market knowledge; we have the right contacts and deep experience to bring you exceptional candidates.

Board Review

The best Boards conducts regular Board Reviews, which are preferably facilitated by an experienced third-party consulting firm with no other interests other than the outcome itself.
Our thoroughly customized Board Review service is provided by experienced Senior Partners and Senior Consultants, with discretion, and they are executed by the definition of a clear objective.
We sit down with your Board Members to engage in one-to-one conversations, to understand the board relations, their interactions, and behaviors toward the goal of helping your Board to perform at the highest levels.
By paying particular attention to collaboration, inclusiveness, interpersonal trust, and mutual respect, we are able to provide constructive, ongoing feedback on behaviors and relations; structure, composition, and diversity; processes and information flow; quality of discussion and decision making; ability to deal with topics, such as: CEO and Board succession, company strategy, culture, risk, and stakeholder relations.

Board Succession & Chair Search

Kilpatrick Aviation has helped many Boards in the aviation industry, across different geographies, different types of companies, shareholders’ structures, and varied stakeholders’ interests.
We work as your partner to make sure your Board is always ready to fill the vacancies with talented Directors who meet the values you require, fulfill your strategic needs for diversity, and prove an excellent fit to your Board.
Kilpatrick Aviation helps you to define and align succession criteria with your Company’s key needs, build a pipeline of qualified Director-positions’ candidates with a diverse range of profiles to meet your needs in your industry, adapt Director’s requirements as per Company’s needs and change of strategy.
A change at the head of your Board demands highly specialized skills, seasoned experiences, great judgement and discretion.