Diversity & Inclusion


In order to unleash the full promise of diversity and inclusion, make better decisions and drive innovation, companies and organizations must learn to appreciate the knowledge and experience of individuals with different backgrounds, and the way they see things.
Inclusion also means change!  We believe both inclusion and change are inevitable. Whether we choose to grow with and from these changes is a choice.


Onboarding diversified talent is a true competency which needs to be developed and acted upon by all executives – top down –  in order to really release the strategic impact and power of diversity.
Companies serving their global markets are actively building cross-cultural teams that are able to share best practices.

Crossing Borders

With over 20 years of experience, we have learned that every successful executive search assignment begins with a thorough understanding – not only about the position to be filled – but also about the role the manager is expected to play within the team, and where diversity can make the difference.
We closely collaborate with you and support your diversity and inclusion strategies, translate them into search criteria and candidate selection, while effectively reporting the entire process in our proprietary OneApp.
Our Senior Consultants can also advise you on how you could organize appropriate interview panels.
Kilpatrick Aviation wants to be your sparring partner when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion, even working cross-border, sharing our successes with you.