Global Mapping

Talent Search

What if your talent pool is not precisely in your backyard and you need to move out of your comfort zone?
In 2025 many companies will face major shortage of talented people and by 2030 there will be more jobs than people to do them.
Talent Search is a strategic process in which we identify and map individuals in relevant segments according to their skills, capabilities and competences.
We provide our Clients, through our OneApp, a real-time global succession pipeline and talent benchmark for the related fields.

Localization & Identification

Kilpatrick Aviation adopts an entirely new way to locate and identify talents globally.
We start by locating the talent in the world – country, city, area, cluster or hub. We also identify where they studied, where do they work or which community do they belong to.
We identify the approximate size and quality of the talent pool and the extent of the willingness to move in relation to the attractiveness of the country/sector of the future employer.
In the final stage, we suggest possible hiring strategies. Each talent pool has its own search strategy, media channels, attraction strategy, motivations, and relocation factors.
We provide you with a comprehensive overview of successful executives in the aviation industry that currently execute specific roles and responsibilities and are willing to be your partner for your (future) challenges.


The vital role many industry professionals throughout the organization play is an equally critical role to achieve success.
It is their talent and commitment that fuels the company’s long-term performance, innovation, and growth.
Finding talented professionals with impact is one of the most pressing recruitment issues facing businesses today and increasingly more challenging.
Kilpatrick Aviation works with organizations around the world, helping them to identify and secure the best possible professional talent.
With the support of all global offices, and access to a global talent database spanning the aviation industry, we are able to offer our search and project recruitment solutions on a truly global scale.
We identify and attract talent with impact; our Senior Consultants offer several key advantages, we make great use of our global network, and we know all of our colleagues located all over the World. We also use our proprietary web-based technologies and advanced candidate sourcing tools, including micro websites and video mail.
In addition, we use assessment tools that provide us with an unparalleled ability to evaluate potential candidates and correlate competencies with job performance.