Industry Based Recruitment

New Scenarios

The aviation industry is today characterized by larger and more complex projects than before, and less public funding.
Across the globe, investments coming from the private sector are expanding their presence in aviation projects – ready to take on more risk, but in exchange of a clear return of investment (ROI).
New markets and new frontiers are driving aviation industry players across the globe to redefine HR challenges. Lack of skilled aviation staff calls for higher international mobility and an overall leadership skills’ upgrade.
Kilpatrick Aviation understands the industry from the inside, by working with airlines, airports, aviation supply chain companies and industry service providers.

Aviation Experts

As much the dynamics of the aviation industry evolves, the profile of successful leaders within the aviation industry is undergoing a fundamental shift; not only we are facing a global lack of talent in strategical roles – no matter if they need to manage an airport or face the challenge of running a new low cost carrier –  all need to be able to embrace a commercial, strategic, technology and media skill-set – suitable to managing the increased from both stakeholders: private and public.
Kilpatrick Aviation works with several clients across the industry to help them build and enhance high-performing teams and Boards of Directors able to have a lasting impact on their enterprises.
Our expertise is extended across the whole aviation industry. We work both with the private and public sector.
We play a key-role in exploring the industry trends, we share best practices from the aviation industry and leadership developments.

Supply Chain

  • Design | Engineering Firms
  • Manufacturers | Part Makers
  • Air-framers | T1 | T2 | T3


  • Pilots | Technicians
  • Flight | Ground Operations
  • Airline Management


  • Air Traffic Control
  • Security | Safety | Logistic
  • Airport Management


  • Sourcing | Procurement
  • Logistic | Warehousing
  • Servicing | Training Organizations